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Ruby Blue - Burgundy

Dying. Old recordings! Such a child voice… This one was recorded in 2007 I think… Maybe 2008… Mixed by Dave Ogilvie and featuring guitar by Ted Gowans and drums by Luke Renshaw. I’m so nostalgic right now… 


Walker + Purple Mag.


Walker + Purple Mag.


Gold and Youth, City of Quartz.  Aaron Wynia skating.


Gold and Youth, City of Quartz.  Aaron Wynia skating.

Beyond elated to announce I will be opening for Lightning Dust on their West Coast tour this summer, see dates below and grab tickets at Jagjaguwar http://www.jagjaguwar.com/tour.php

July 24 Calgary, AB The Palomino
July 25 Edmonton, AB Brixx
August 1 Seattle, WA The Crocodile
August 6 San Francisco, CA Brick and Mortar
August 7 Santa Ana, CA Constellation Room
August 8 Los Angeles, CA The Echo
August 9 San Diego, CA Casbah




Louise Burns - "Jasper"


Siouxsie sioux.

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Gold & Youth Beyond Wilderness is out now! 

Our music video for Jewel is also out, directed by Natalie Rae Robison in collaboration with Lab Magazine. Beautiful minds and heavenly bodies in the form of Wynn Holmes and Nico Archambault.

You can find the album on iTunes and on the Arts & Crafts website. Very honoured to be working with such a great team.

See you on the road. I will be the one with the Liza Minelli cane. 

Jumping on the praise-wagon here…

Before I release a piece of music or go on tour, or exert myself creatively in any way, I always have somewhat of a breakdown. I over think, overanalyze, overplan and over book myself with things to distract me from dealing with what I need to do the most, which is promoting the music I make and continue to work harder at writing and becoming better at my craft. 

So at risk of sounding precious and profound, I feel the need to praise a band like Savages. My interpretation of this band is that all I’ve listed above is not relevant to these ladies. They simply do, make, feel, play, etc… 

At the beginning of this video the dialogue reads

"if you are focused you are harder to reach… if you are distracted you are available. you are distracted, you are available."

FUCK. exactly. 

Distraction is the enemy. Distraction leads to questioning yourself back into what you think is focus, but is it really just a way to keep yourself from being focused on doing something that you may or may not receive credit for?

Maybe I need to stop thinking and start playing. It drives me mad. And it takes a band like Savages for me to realize that.

"Video of Leonard on Mount Baldy. This was filmed in 1996 and it documents Leonard’s experiences and routine while at Mt. Baldy. I believe this "film" was shot by a French artist named Armelle Brusq."